Special Guest Speaker for HopeHealth’s 20th Annual AidsWalk Announced

Anton Gunn Speaker
HopeHealth is excited to announce our special guest speaker for our 20th Annual AidsWalk on Saturday, December 2: Anton Gunn!
Anton is a former SEC football player for USC and former member of the SC House of Representatives. He helped Barack Obama battle health care reform and led at the highest level as a state legislator and adviser to the President of the United States. Anton has a true gift for teaching professionals how to become influential leaders in the healthcare industry.
HopeHealth’s annual AIDSWalk is one of the ways we recognize World AIDS Day. We walk to celebrate the lives of those affected by HIV and AIDS. We walk to increase awareness, decrease stigma, and provide support to individuals living with the disease. HopeHealth in Florence will recognize World AIDS Day with our 20th annual AIDSWalk on Saturday, December 2nd at Central United Methodist Church.
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